According to Forbes, Diddy reportedly pulled down $62 million in the past year with JAY Z coming in second with an estimated $53.5 million. Here's the Top 20 . . . or 21, thanks to a tie at the end.

1. Diddy, $62 million

2. Jay Z, $53.5 million

3. Dr. Dre, $41 million

4. Drake, $38.5 million

5. Wiz Khalifa, $24 million

6. Nicki Minaj, $20.5 million

7. Pitbull, $20 million

8. Pharrell, $19.5 million

9. Kendrick Lamar, $18.5 million

10. Cash Money boss Birdman, $18 million

11. Kanye West, $17.5 million

12. DJ Khaled, $15 million

13. A$AP Rocky, $14.5 million

14. A three-way tie between J. Cole, Lil Wayne, and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, all with $14 million. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, counting as one, of course.

17. Snoop Dogg, $12.5 million

18. Eminem, $11 million

19. Swizz Beatz, $10.5 million

20. A tie between Ludacris and Rick Ross, both with $10 million.

How did Diddy Make $62 million last year? Every year Diddy pops up on this list. Ok I get it he owns Revolt, but me, personally, I have never watched a single show on Revolt EVER! He also has Ciroc but that has nothing to do with Hip-Hop and Diddy doesn't even own Ciroc so I doubt that he makes $62 Million for endorsing a product.

He has one valid artist that is French Montana, and he's not even on the list, so where did the $62 Million dollars come from ? If the IRS can barely track how money rappers make (thats why you hear about rappers going to prison for tax evaison.) I Highly doubt Forbes magazine tracks how much Diddy makes annually. I think this list is made up of people that Forbes Magazine likes. Further more what does how much money someone makes selling liquor or have to do with hip-hop culture? I wish they would get back to making quality authentic music at the end of the day plus we don't really care how much money they make at all just make good music and I'll be happy.