36-year old Delonte West is a former NBA star who’s played on several teams since he was drafted back in 2004.

The brother seems to be going through a really rough patch as a video went viral of him being beat up in the middle of the road down in Maryland. Police responded and in a bizarre move decided to handcuff him. According to TMZ, Delonte has had similar sad episodes seen begging for change and looking a mess in Texas. Now get this, the police officer who responded to him getting beat up decides to also take out his camera and film Delonte West handcuffed – SHAMEFUL. See everybody want their piece of the pie, because you know he sold that video.


Well that police officer just got suspended, as he should be. Look not everybody can leave their career and go on to be successful in life, but that doesn’t mean they need to be beaten up for it, disgraced and video taped. Doesn’t matter if he’s a junkie, an addict or whatever it may be. The man needs help and the NBA should at least send some resources for him.

We are still in the age of technology taking president over peoples morals and ethics when it comes down to helping someone out in public. We want to pull out our camera’s first, I feel for the brother and I hope he gets the help he needs.

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