Today is Cinco de Mayo, a day where I definitely have an excuse to have a margarita, a shot of tequila or anything Mexican! Unfortunately for the people of Detroit their Cinco de Mayo celebration was cut short due to a deadly shooting at the annual parade.

With festivities & crowds comes crazy people & violence. That's the word on the mean streets of Detroit yesterday. A deadly shooting during the Cinco de Mayo parade which is supposed to be fun & celebratory! WTF is wrong with people nowadays?! Can't we stop the violence?!

According to the people of Detroit, the shooting occurred around 1pm in front of Brown's Bun Bakery where there were thousands of people packed on the streets for the annual parade. A 19 year old man was shot to death after sticking up for a member of his family. A single shot was fired which was fatal. Police have a 24 year old man in custody.

The parade generates 30,000 to 40,000 people, businesses & vendors each year. This was its 50th year.

This type of craziness always has me second guessing whether or not I want to step into a crowded area. You can't help feel paranoid when you hear things like this. Very unfortunate & just gotta shake my head. People get drunk & act stupid.

On a brighter note I hope the cap region enjoys a violence free Cinco de Mayo. Today is like the Mexican St Patrick's Day. But for most it's an excuse to have loaded nachos, guacamole & margaritas. Celebrate & be safe! Here's a throwback from R Kelly feat Jay Z to change up the mood! Happy Cinco de Mayo! Let's have a violence free fiesta!