Dave Chappelle is hands down one of the best comedians of our time. He made a comeback after a 10 year hiatus and premiered two standup specials that aired on Netflix last week. During the first special, he spoke about getting so high with a rapper that he couldn't perform for his Detroit show. Now it's been confirmed Detroit native Danny Brown was indeed the culprit.

Dave spoke about the occurrence in his new standup special. “I don’t know if you ever saw on TMZ, the big headline: Dave Chappelle drunk on stage in Detroit,” Dave said during his show. “I wasn’t drunk. I had smoked some reefer with some rappers. I don’t know if you know anything about hanging out with rappers, but their weed is very strong – stronger than what I was accustomed to.”

“Haven't seen Dave new special but heard he gotta bit about that night I got him stoned to the gills ... momma I made it!!!,” Danny’ captioned a recent IG pic, confirming it was indeed his rapper weed that made Chappelle bomb the show.

Danny is also teasing something special with Jonah Hill for later today at 5 p.m. We'll have to wait and see what it is, but for now peep Danny's IG below and watch the clip where Dave flubbed his performance in Detroit at the bottom.

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