One week after killing Future's "Mask Off" instrumental, Joey Bada$$ has bodied another freestyle, this time over Miguel and J. Cole's 2010 hit, "All I Want Is You." You can peep the 1999 artist's latest freestyle exhibition in the video below.

During the freestyle, Joey showcases the sort of ease on the mic you rarely see these days, flowing so well on the track that you would've thought he'd written a verse specifically for the instrumental. Of course, that's pretty unlikely, seeing as the beat for "All I Want Is You" came out about over a half-decade ago.

Interestingly enough, Joey doesn't appear to be spitting a pre-written verse over the beat, and you can tell because he's nearly stumbling over his words, but he switches his rhyme schemes in unpredictable ways to catch the beat without falling over himself. It's sort of like watching someone cross a bridge as they're building it by themselves.

"My skin is Sierra Leone tough and now that we on up/It's only right that we shine these jewelry will blind ya/But nah I'm just checking time because I'm really referring to the jewels I got in mind because I'm so in-line with the divine," he spits over the smooth instrumental.

Joey is currently gearing up for the release of his latest album, ALL-AMERIKKKAN BADA$$. In a recent interview on Pharrell Williams and Scott Vener’s OTHERton podcast, the "Land of the Free" performer explained that he was going to touch on issues rappers rarely discuss.

“Hey man it’s deep, like you know, the things that I’m saying on this album isn’t what you hear rappers saying or speaking about. You know what I mean? It’s really topics that I think need to be discussed more in music,” Joey explained at the time.

Fans can see what issues Joey chooses to tackle when ALL-AMERIKKKAN BADA$$ drops on April 7. You can pre-order the project on iTunes now.

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