Back on April 14th, a boom lift on a truck trailer struck the Northway overpass of Sitterly Road damaging the structure. The bridge had to be demolished and was then replaced with a temporary structure. The Department of Transportation just announced that they will be replacing the bridge entirely with a wider and taller bridge on Sitterly Road.

The Sitterly Road bridge is a high-volume roadway that carries an average of fifteen thousand cars per day.  It is a connector to Ellis Medicine Emergent & Urgent Care and connects Halfmoon to Clifton Park. The DOT says they will have to close Sitterly Road for up to two months next summer to completely replace it according to the Albany Business Review.

The Department of Transportation says that they plan on building a span of roadway over the Northway on Sitterly Road that will have higher clearance. Instead of the fourteen feet four inches, the bridge will be built with a sixteen-foot six inches of clearance.

The temporary bridge will be taken down and then the new bridge will be constructed. This will take about two months and the work will be done in the summer of 2022. The DOT will also have wider shoulders and a sidewalk to connect sidewalks on Sitterly Road.

When the closure takes place, many of the businesses are concerned about traffic and customers getting to their locations. During the two-month construction, traffic will be detoured to Route 146 through Crossing Boulevard and on the east side, and Clifton Park Center Road and Clifton Country Road on the west side.

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