Get out and vote today New York, Cynthia Nixon is in the building! The New York Governor candidate stopped by The Breakfast Club ahead of election day to spread her platform's message. Nixon decided to run because she believes New York deserves a governor who puts their money where their mouth is and doesn't think current Governor Andrew Cuomo is not progressive enough. She also addressed her controversial bagel order, which went viral this week, saying she doesn't understand why that's what people care about.

The former Sex and the City actress wants to bring real change to New York, including the legalization of marijuana and instituting bail reform. She believes the illegality of marijuana in New York, as well as cash bail for prisoners awaiting trial, are first and foremost racial justice issues. "Marijuana has been legal for white people for a long time," Nixon said.

Nixon also wants to put more funding into New York's public schools, as well as help more small businesses run by women and minorities. Nixon spoke about how Governor Cuomo is loyal to big business because he accepts campaign donations from them. Nixon ran without accepting any campaign donations that would prevent her from fighting to make New York more progressive and equal.

Nixon also confirmed that if she wins the race for Governor, she wouldn't be involved in a third Sex and the City movie. There have long been rumors that a third movie was coming, but Nixon's priority is advocating for her home state and the residents of New York.

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