Good news for graduating high school seniors, Gov. Andrew Cuomo is authorizing outdoor graduations. High school seniors all over the country have been talking about and posting about missing their proms and missing their graduation ceremonies. So with this announcement, I’m sure that seniors and parents all over New York are happy to hear that Governor Cuomo is allowing some form of celebrating their accomplishments.

On Sunday Governor Cuomo announced that high schools will be permitted to have “socially distanced“ outdoor graduation ceremonies. Unfortunately, seniors won’t be able to invite all of their family and friends to their ceremonies. Only 150 people will be allowed to attend outdoor graduation ceremonies. School districts can start planning for graduations beginning June 26. Governor Cuomo cautioned that things could change if COVID-19 infection rates begin to rise.

New York residents have worked hard to comply with Governor Cuomo‘s stay at home and reopening plans. Governor Cuomo has said all along that his reopening plan would come in phases in line with data. The data is coming in and it shows that New York had 45 Covid-19 related deaths on Saturday which is down from the peak of more than 700 deaths per day in April. On Friday 60,000 people were tested and 781, only about 1%, of the people tested positive. This is the lowest daily death rate since March 16. Governor Cuomo said, “it means the plan is working. It means we bent the curve“.

Congratulations to the graduating class of 2020. With or without a graduation ceremony, this is a major accomplishment. Be proud of yourselves and go out into the world and do your best to be great! You can still submit your graduate inside of the Hot 991 app.

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