**UPDATE** Animal control has tranquilized the coyote and removed it from the premises, according to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

A Coyote that made its way to the Mezzanine level of the State Museum today has been contained by police, according to WNYT. Animal control has been called to safely remove the animal.

The State Police released this photo of the animal, who seems to be trying to catch a quick nap before being expelled from the museum.

Credit: New York State Police
Credit: New York State Police

This is the most recent example of coyotes being spotted in the Capital Region, but this has to be the most in the most densely populated part of our area that I can remember. Luckily, no one has been injured, including the coyote, at the time of writing.

Coyotes are a pretty common sighting in our area, especially around this time of year. Venturing downtown seems like a new one, though. Coyotes tend not to like to interact with humans, so hopefully this one's trip to the state museum was one based on confusion and getting lost rather than any kind of illness.

Have you seen anything like this in Albany recently?




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