As the coronavirus is surging throughout the country, and a recent outbreak at a local jail is cause for concern.

According to News 10 and local officials, the COVID-19 pandemic is surging throughout the Albany County Jail. In this recent outbreak, there are at least 75 people infected with the coronavirus within the prison.

With the jail population at approximately 336 inmates, 261 inmates are in quarantine. 51 inmates have tested positive for COVID-19 and 22 Correctional Officers are also stricken with the virus.

Sheriff Craig Apple recently spoke about the outbreak. He said that the correctional facility went for more than 10 months with keeping the pandemic under control. He said that because of the congregate setting of prison life, once the virus got inside it surged. He says that his department expected the virus to eventually enter the jail, but they were dreading it.

Sheriff Apple says that they are working to maintain control over the virus within the jail. He said, “Staff, maintenance is up there, disinfecting all day every day with backpacks and sanitizing and disinfecting fluid and botanical liquid that disinfects for five days. They are burning right through this stuff. Again, it’s an uphill battle.”

Sheriff Apple also said that they are working with the District Attorney’s Office and the court system to try to release as many non-violent inmates as possible. He says that they have released about a dozen inmates who tested negative for COVID-19.

The recent surge in COVID-19 cases should be another incentive to keep yourself out of jail. Be safe, wash your hands, practice social distancing, and wear your mask.

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