A couple out of Montgomery County got arrested for pulling a scam at a local Target store on April 30th. Carley Goguen used more than $1200 in fake money to buy items from her cashier boyfriend before returning the merch for cash.

The case involved investigators from the Secret Service, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office and store security. Damn, Secret Service?? That’s some America’s Most Wanted ish.

The boyfriend, Ethan Whitman was working in the electronics department that day and sold multiple items to Goguen, who paid with counterfeit $100 bills. The store became skeptical of the currency when they discovered the Monopoly guy’s face in place of Ben Franklin (kidding). Goguen returned an hour later to return one of the items for $800 cash.

They’re being charged with criminal possession of a forged instrument. Goguen was also charged with grand larceny.

What were they going to do with the money? After seeing their mug shots, I’m guessing they were going to invest in matching neck tattoos. How romantic!