County Waste has partnered with us to honor those in our communities who are truly making a difference.

We'd been trying to get in touch with Grace Janikas for a few days to congratulate her on being WGNA's January's Hometown Hero.  We finally caught her at a time when she wasn't busy, and understandably so.  She's a stay at home mom who owns and operates her own charity called 'Grace's Closet' and she pours her heart and soul in giving back.  Meet January's Hometown Hero: Grace Janikas from Clifton Park.

This is a portion of the email sent into us from her boyfriend Brendan:

Grace started a charity 8 years ago giving aid to victims of abuse, homelessness, families of low income and those who have lost everything in a flood or fire. She collects donations from the community in the form of clothing, household and baby equipment then gives them to those in need. She collaborates with local organizations to give away clothing and each year she has a back to school giveaway and Christmas giveaway. This past Christmas Grace's Closet gave toys away for over 90 children. Grace works tirelessly collecting clothing, loading, unloading, giving away and working behind the scenes to make sure the families are taken care of. Grace has a passion for people who are hurting and it's time the love she pours out to the community is poured unto her.

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