A Colonie man is scheduled to spend a long time in prison for sexually exploiting children.  Having a child sexually abused or exploited has to be one of a parent's most dreaded nightmares.  Because of the heinousness of the offense, perpetrators are subjected to harsh sentences.  Victims of child abuse typically face a lifetime of suffering, and perpetrators face a lifetime of scrutiny.

In August 2019, 31-year old Douglas Fountain pleaded guilty to eight felony counts of sexual exploitation of a child, one count of transportation of child pornography and two counts of child pornography.

Douglas Fountain, of Colonie, admitted that at least on eight occasions between July 2017 and July 2018 he used his cell phone to create videos and images of minors under the age of 18.   He also admitted to sharing some of the images to foreign, image sharing websites and to possessing images of child pornography on his laptop.  In addition, some of those images depict sexual abuse and exploitation of young girls.

Mr. Fountain was originally scheduled to be sentenced in December 2019, however he was not sentenced until Tuesday, September 15, 2020.

Mr. Fountain has been sentenced to 80 years in prison for the suffering he has subjected children to.  At 31-years old, Fountain has basically been sentenced to life in prison.

Victims of sexual abuse face a lifetime of struggling to recover from the abuse they suffered.  Mr. Fountain will probably spend the rest of his life thinking about how he ruined the lives of so many children and the suffering they continue to struggle with.

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