We all know that times are difficult, and we are all trying to make ends meet.  Things became very difficult for a local woman who took things too far and now she is facing felony charges for stealing government benefits.

According to News 10, A Cohoes resident, 37-year old Ashley Fields, is facing felony charges for using a stolen government benefits card illegally.

According to local government officials, Ashley Fields used a government benefit card that belonged to a Stillwater resident.  She used the card to purchase $1500 worth of merchandise, using the stolen government card.

An arrest warrant was issued and carried out by the City of Cohoes.  Ms. Fields was taken into custody by the Stillwater Police Department.  She was arrested and charged with second-degree Identity Theft and fourth-degree Grand Larceny which are both felony offenses.

Ms. Fields was arraigned in the Stillwater Town Court.  She is currently being detained in the Saratoga County Correctional Facility.

I know we’ve all had people approach us, offering to sell some of their benefits to get their hands on some cash, but now we see where this can lead to some serious jail time.  Personally, I’ve never heard of anyone being charged with using someone else’s card, but now I see where things can really go wrong.

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Grand larceny and identity theft are very serious charges for the suspect, but they are also very serious for the victim.  People don’t often think about the victims in cases like this.  We don’t know if the victim really lost out on the help that they desperately need.  Hopefully, they received compensation for the loss benefits associated with this card.

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