Local area social media is in an uproar with these new bail laws, and I can’t say that I blame them for their frustration and anger. 

According to Newsbreak, A judge just let a man named Anthony Ojeda, accused in the death of a 6-week baby in Cohoes get released under supervised probation.  It is very rare that someone in this position gets bail and is released, normally they are held until their trial.  But due to the new reform, he is allowed to go home and wear an electronic monitoring device. He’s also not allowed to leave Albany County and had to surrender his passport along with receiving substance abuse treatment. 

Now what angers me is that this baby died in his care and he didn’t call for help.  The baby ingested meth and you as the father, just sit around and not call for help and the baby dies!  Charge the mother too while you are at it, far too often we hear of these fathers killing their babies because they were left there by the mom and they have no parenting skills.  Bringing drugs into the picture is a recipe for disaster as it is.  Why was this child left alone with a meth head? 

I feel like this bail reform just has gone way too far, releasing people on low level misdemeanor charges is one thing, but murder?  Several groups are rallying to end bail reform, now I know why.   

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