George Clooney single,AGAIN??! He's waiting for me! Nope, sorry George,  I'm over my 10+ year crush on you , sorry buddy, I have since smartened up....

A friend just told me that George Clooney and Stacy Keibler are officially broken up, dunzo, finished, over!! Back in the day I would be so happy, and think , "now's my chance", but my feelings have since changed for dear George.

Get it together Clooney!!  Those good looks aint gonna last forever, trust it!! I believe that these poor women think they can change him, sad stuff. We all know his dating history thanks to his celebrity status. And we all know he has no plans for marriage or children, which is fine, I am not hating on that, again I just think these women think they will be "THE ONE" that will change him. How's that working out for your girls??

Most of us live in the non paparazzi, tabloid, average Joe, real world....Unfortunately in our dating lives, sometimes we don't find out that we are dating a serial dater, non- committer, liar, socio-path,etc until it's too late. Stacy Keibler and all of Clooney's ex-gfs had a HUGE advantage with his dating life advertised throughout all media outlets and yet they still entered the world of Clooney, knowing he'd never marry nor have children. Rumor has it that was why Stacy said "Sayonara Georgie Porgie!!" Some deserving man will sweep her off her feet soon, and fulfill her dreams and the George will be missing out .... but on to his next trophy but of course! We've all seen this happen throughout the Clooney years.

Just remember ladies and gentleman, you can't change anyone! As the saying goes, and it is a very old one but still stands true. "You can't teach an old dog new tricks!" WOOF. Cue George Clinton, "Atomic Dog!" Bow wow wow yippe yo yippee yay!! You get it.



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