Sometimes a playoff game can be so pressure filled, you need to calm your emotions by eating. That is exactly what seemed to be the cure for Los Angeles Clippers assistant coach Mike Woodson. Last night, during the second quarter of the Clippers playoff game against the San Antonio Spurs, the TNT cameras were focusing on Doc Rivers, when a hand suddenly popped into the frame. That hand belonged to Woodson, who apparently had no problem helping himself to a generous portion of chips and possibly even dip.

The best part is that the food appeared to belong to a fan. It would be a little unusual for an assistant NBA coach to have a stash of chips and dip waiting for him near his team's bench in case he suddenly got a case of the munchies. The Spurs won the game 111-107 in overtime, so Woodson might have needed a lot more than chips to drown his sorrows in the playoff loss.

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