After a two-year hiatus and a journey into motherhood, Ciara is back with a full-length studio effort, Jackie. The title is in tribute to her mother, who has been her rock during her growth as a new mother and artist. Her LP is available for streaming on Spotify now.

The deluxe version of Jackie boasts 16 songs, two of which are remixes of “I Bet." The song is apparently about Future, her ex-fiance and father of their 1-year-old son.

CiCi enlisted some top-notch sonic crafters for her sixth album. Hitmakers Polow da Don, Dr. Luke, Harmony Samuels, the Underdogs, Ester Dean and Diane Warren provided assists on the collection. The lone guest stars on the LP are on “That’s How I’m Feelin’," which features Pitbull and Missy Elliott.

Overall, the album oozes with confidence and attitude as Ciara flexes her womanhood on the title track. “Can't even hate cause you know this s--- hot / Yeah I'm that bitch, like it or not / Better get ready cause I'm not gon' stop, stop, stop / Let that beat drop,” she raps.

Most of the songs cater to the dance floor but they are not mindless when it comes to the lyrics. Songs like “Fly” will make you shake your booty and embrace Ciara’s positive affirmations. Finally, the Diane Warren-co-penned “I Got You” is the requisite uplifting pop ballad on the album.

In the end, Ciara is a self-assured R&B songbird who is ready to get her 1, 2 step on again with Jackie.

You can cop the album via iTunes on Tuesday (May 5) or better yet, check out Ciara live in concert on her U.S. tour.

Listen to Ciara's Jackie Album

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