This year Chrisette Michele has had the Internet going crazy. This is the second time the R&B singer has went viral this year. Earlier this year she made a buzz for performing at Donald Trump's inauguration. When she claimed she didn’t agree with the platform he was running on.

The R&B singer claimed she was there to perform and send a message to Donald Trump and draw attention to issues that affect the Black community. She didn’t even get to meet Donald Trump during her performance. Chrissette has faced tremendous backlash for supporting the president. There were other people who speculated that she only performed for money.

Now she recently was trending for posting a picture of a miscarriage, on her Instagram page. Chrissette Michelle said she posted the graphic picture to raise awareness on the mental health issues that miscarriages cause for women. This is a known medical fact that has long been ignored in society and Michelle wanted to raise awareness with a graphic picture. This was also speculated to be a publicity stunt when people found out the picture wasn’t even hers.

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