Chrisette Michele clearly welcomes change, as she's evolved tremendously with every album release to date.

Before the ASCAP/BET Music Matters show in Austin, Texas Thursday (March 14), Chrisette told that she's refreshed after taking a necessary hiatus. She's readying the release of her fourth studio LP, 'Better.'

"I have to stop and take a breather, which I did for about a year before putting out the 'Audrey Hepburn Experience,'" she shares. "During that break, I took time to heal. I’m very cognizant of what I’m feeding people. Not just being an artist but I understand that what I say affects people’s hearts and I always want to feed people positivity."

According to the songstress, that's the entire purpose behind the 'Better' LP -- she wants to share her new outlook with fans who've been with her since her 2007 debut.

On the upcoming album, the Motown/Def Jam signee has recruited Wale and D.C. newcomer Dunson to spit a few bars. As far as songwriters, she mentions excitedly that she had the opportunity to work with her brother and Robert "Shea" Taylor (Beyonce's 'Love on Top'), who's one of the major names included.

Another is renowned songwriter Harold Lilly, who actually jumpstarted Chrisette's turn to veganism. “He walked into the studio with green juice one day and he got me started on this green juice kick," she reveals. "Not only did I cleanse my body but I cleansed my heart at the same time. Food has a way of doing that for me. So I drank nothing but juice for 60 days and became vegan shortly after. I’ve been a lot better since.”

Later this month, Chrisette will be touring with Keyshia Cole. Once that run of dates is complete in April, she'll go on a promotional tour for the album. There's a sense of calm surrounding her these days and she guarantees that her fans will be able to tell that she's grown a lot on 'Better,' slated for a late spring release. "Some things are just emotional," she shares. "Some things you just feel in your spirit; I think you can just feel it."

"Also, I’m not afraid of any riff," she adds. "Any shout, any scream or any sound that comes out of my mouth. I used to try and hold back a little bit and be sweet but now I’m talking about love and I’m gonna talk about love as loud as I know how."

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