In an interview with Montreality, 50 Cent’s official DJ promised his upcoming album, Street King Immortal, won’t suck. The release date has been pushed back an a$$ load of times, so it better be worth the wait.

DJ Whoo Kid discussed previewing some of the tracks, featured artists and trying to be slick and leaking some of the new joints.

“I heard 22 songs. A lot of ridiculous s---. (Eminem) is on there, of course, and I love the Em record. Not the one that’s out, there’s another one I think. I don’t know if he’s gonna use it, but a lot of f---in’ s--- on there. I was trying to steal one joint to try to leak it on the radio but I couldn’t do it because I knew he’d beat the f---in’ s--- out of me.”

Whoo Kid promised us that classic 50 sound that we’ve been fiending for. On past projects the new album is comparable to, Whoo Kid references Get Rich Or Die Tryin.

“He always tries to top that, but I think he did it with this one. Kinda like, got the producers back and his hunger’s back too. The last couple albums was a rich 50 Cent, but I think he made his mindset back into the hungry 50 cent so he’s bringing it back.”

Don’t let us down, Fif!