There are only a handful of lyricists who command attention when they step to the mic, and once again Method Man has proven to be one of the chosen few.

Over the weekend, the legendary rhymer stopped by DJ Whoo Kid's The Whoolywood Shuffle radio show on Shade 45 to chop it up and flex his superior rhyming skills. Method Man wastes no time as he immediately jumps into a freestyle a cappella, referencing everything from 1970's television classics to his current stoner lifestyle.

"Weed toker, the Cola in your Coca/Losin' change up in ya sofa, I brought change into the culture/Funny how these pigeons try and change into a vulture, you's a poser, with pork on all your fork and that ain't Kosher/No sir, I never put a penny in a loafer, for Good Times up in the ghetto we had Penny and Willona," he spits to the approval of DJ Whoo Kid. The look on Whoo's face says it all, as his smile remains throughout the entirety of the video.

The Wu-Tang rapper-turned-actor has been taking the Hollywood route as of late. Aside from starring in HBO series' The Deuce, Meth is set to appear in the reboot of Shaft alongside Samuel L. Jackson. He also played a gangster during a hilarious Saturday Night Live skit with Will Smith in late January.

For someone "pushing 50," this veteran hasn't skipped a beat. Peep Meth's "Drop The Mic" Shade 45 Freestyle below, premiered exclusively by XXL.

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