Chris Brown absolutely brought the house down with his hyper-energetic performances of ‘Don’t Wake Me Up’ and ‘Turn Up the Music’ at the 2012 BET Awards.Half of Brown’s chest was, for whatever reason painted gray and silver. We’re thinking the metallic look may be inspired by his ‘Mechanical Breezy’ moniker, but regardless of its significations, we appreciate that it made his abs that much more defined.

Flanked by ballerinas in matching silver, Breezy began with a beautiful and soaring rendition of ‘Don’t Wake Me Up.’ Brown’s vocals took center stage for this portion of his performance, with little recorded accompaniment or Auto-Tune. No matter what people have to say about Brown’s personal life, when he slows down and isn’t doing somersaults onstage, the man can sing his toned behind off.

Of course, Brown’s live shows tend to focus on his inimitable dance moves, and this one was no different. After the first verse and chorus of ‘Don’t Wake Me Up,’ Brown gradually eased into his hit ‘Turn Up the Music.’

While he relied much more heavily on backing tracks for the uptempo portion of the performance, it wasn’t without reason. The man moved so much and so quickly that we’re not sure the average person could breathe, let alone belt out a hip-pop anthem. The man did a full-fledged frickin’ back flip onstage, okay? Whether or not he can behave in nightclubs or on Twitter, Chris Brown can put on a show. This performance proved that based on artistic merit alone, he more than earned his Best Male R&B Artist award.

Watch Chris Brown Perform ‘Don’t Wake Me Up’ + ‘Turn Up the Music’ at the 2012 BET Awards