Eminem had the internet on fire with his socio concsious freestyle/battle rap for Donald Trump. Everyone was talking and tweeting about Eminem's harsh words for the President in chief Donald Trump.

Eminem is known for his legendary battle rapping skills. He has been known for dissing celebrities who he doesn't like and he never holds his tongue. Eminem had a 5 minute freestyle where he called Donald Trump an orange racist. Also Em proclaimed his love for America's military but his hate for Trump.

I thought Eminem's freestyle was good although it was nothing but insults about the President. There weren't too many metaphors, but a lot of bars for the President. Which is kind of pointless because it is not like Donald Trump is going to rap back to Em. Mysonne had a good freestyle as well, his was only limited to 1 minute and he had to use an instrumental while Em's freestyle was Acapella.

Mysonne's freestyle focused on the inner city's issues with the president but also offered solutions. I would've loved to hear what Mysonne could've done with 5 minutes. Take a listen to both and vote on which flow you thought was better.

Mysonne starts at 2:45


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