Do you love Chris Brown, but don't know what he's doing for nearly every waking moment of each day? Well then you are probably about to lose your shiz over this news. The 'Fine China' crooner has launched his very special 'The Chris Brown Channel' website for all of his devoted fans.

In one of his first video posts, Brown told his fans, "Now all you guys can see me at all times of the day, keep up with what I'm doing... really. I appreciate you guys, man. I love you."

This site is really for the hardest of hardcore Team Breezy members, who can get closer to their idol with this new channel than with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram combined.  Fans were most recently treated to a taste of Chris rapping along to one of his songs in his convertible while driving to rehearsals for the Billboard Awards.

The typically serious R&B singer gives his fans a look at his lighter side with videos showing him doing backflips anywhere and everywhere, in addition to a clip where Chris dons a full-on Michael Jackson getup. He embodies the King of Pop pretty darn well if we don't say so ourselves.

Breezy's new 'Channel' is for devoted fans and devoted fans only. Casual fans (and especially all those haters Breezy incessantly talks about), please stay far, far away.