It's safe to say that Chris Brown is having the worst week ever. A day after the singer entered a rehab facility following his fight in Washington, D.C., TMZ reports that Breezy may not have thrown the first punch after all.

The gossip website was able to obtain documents, which reportedly state that a secret service agent witnessed the fight Sunday morning (Oct. 27). He alleges that the victim told a D.C. police officer that Brown never hit him.

Although the cop denies he talked with the injured man, the agent is adamant that he overheard the victim say to police that Brown never struck him.

If this story pans out, the 'Fine China' artist may have caught a lucky break. The Secret Service agent could testify in court on Breezy's behalf and that might force the prosecutors to drop the felony assault charge.

In addition, this also could prevent a judge from revoking Brown’s probation in the 2009 Rihanna assault case.

In the meantime, Brown has canceled a few shows and appearances while in rehab, including a Las Vegas Halloween party.