Chief Keef was recently present at a fireworks display that went haywire and threatened to burn a nearby home and cars.

On Tuesday (June 5), video was shared online by Chief Keef's new artist Lil Gnar that shows what appears to be a well-attended Fourth of July party. The clip starts with Sosa and others backing up as a lit mortar box smokes in the drive-way. One shell shoots up into the sky and explodes, which appears to tip the rest of the box over, sending dozens of shells shooting parallel to the ground toward bystanders, a home and parked cars.

The video shows people scrambling for safety as fireworks wiz by in all directions. People run and dive behinds cars as projectiles shoot off in all directions. Sparks narrowly miss cowering onlookers and smash into vehicles that litter the yard.

"Sosa almost blew da crib up," Lil Gnar captioned the wild video clip.

Chief Keef has continued his lay-low campaign, staying out of the way in California. He has yet to put out a full release in 2022, after dropping the album 4Nem last December. Sosa made the headlines in February when he started trending on Twitter after memes began to circulate about him during Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Chief Keef even reacted to the viral moment on Instagram. In March, a long-awaited collab with YoungBoy Never Broke Again leaked onto the internet. Keef didn't seem too pressed, admitting he didn't like the song in the first place.

Watch Video of Chief Keef's Fireworks Mishap Below

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