Rapper Chief Keef doesn’t want to learn right from wrong right now. Maybe because he is still a young teen… Or just plain ole stupid. Whatever the case may be, Chief Keef is back in trouble again.

The young Interscope artist is facing jail time because prosecutors are saying he violated his 18 month probation by having hand guns in his YouTube videos as well as doing an interview at a gun range in NY.

Chief Keef, who is on probation right now for pointing a gun at a Chicago cop and is facing 2 other charges, may be doing some hard time very soon.

I understand the hardships young people face, especially in the Chi-town slums, but when you’re given an opportunity to do something most people would never get a chance to do - why would you not want to do good? Why? I just don’t get it.

I hope he has a good defense team.