You’re gonna have to jam out to something other than 50 Cent’s upcoming album, “Street King Immortal” while diving into Thanksgiving left-overs. Fif announced the album is being pushed back from its scheduled November 13th. This is not the first time he pushed the release.

This time around, he claims the album is finished and the reason it’s pushed back is finances. In the interview with MoneyBagBlake, he also talks about mentor, Dr. Dre’s loooooooong awaited Detox album.

Fiddy doesn’t believe Dr has the motivation or desire to finish the project, and may cut it down to an EP:

“I don’t know it he’s even excited to do it now. He’s successful with Jimmy with Beats, so I’m not sure if he’s pressed. I know that when I did see him when I was in Losa Angeles, he was actually in the studio working on something else. I’m not sure if he’s going to actually release a full CD or if he wants to just release the music that he’s comfortable with – he might do an EP or something.”

Weak sauce, Dre… Weak sauce!