Despite losing his record deal with Interscope Records last year, Chief Keef seems to keep rolling out songs as if he dropped an album. Last month, the Chicago rhymer released the Kanye West-assisted track 'Nobody', and now he's back with his follow-up single, 'Ain't Nothing.'

Spitting over a dark and choppy track, produced by Ace Bankz, Sosa delivers his usual threat-heavy verses and doing his best to rep his Chicago set.

"You don't war with this where your boy is / Hit that bank on that Lloyd s---, grown boy s--- / Pistol knock your ass out it be on that f--- s--- / In my lane bunch of bulls---, I can do it / And my pistol Im'a scoot it at you in your head now, your dead n----, where your bread n----," he raps.

It's not clear which is more violent, the young rapper's lyrics or the graphic artwork, which features Keef smiling as he drives away from a bloody drive-by shooting. It's safe to say this song will not win any Grammy Awards next year, but the rapper's core group of fans will probably take to it.

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Listen To Chief Keef's 'Ain't Nothing'

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