YouTuber Charleston White is admitting to macing Soulja Boy after rumors of the two men getting into a physical altercation in Miami.

On Friday (July 22), the former gang member-turned-internet personality went on social media to explain his side of the story.

"They don't know if they'd been tased. They don't know what happened to that..." White said on Instagram while getting a good laugh out of the situation.

"I hit they muthafuckin ass one more time just for goodness sake," he added. "[Soulja Boy] said, 'Bruh, you maced me?' Yeah, nigga ... That nigga said, 'I just wanna talk.' ... Next time you niggas better holla with a bullhorn. You better use the police bullhorn and say, 'Hey, we wanna talk.' Other than that, shit, you can't just walk up to a nigga like me hollerin about you wanna talk. I don't wanna talk to nan son of a bitch. Hell nah ... What if he hit me across my head with one of them rings, put that eye out?"

Earlier today, rumors began to circulate that a scuffle between Soulja Boy and controversial social media figure Charleston White had gone down in South Florida. Apparently, since Soulja is in Miami for his upcoming Rolling Loud performance, he took some time away from the festival to approach White, likely over some derogatory comments White about the "Crank That (Soulja Boy)" rapper.

The beef between Soulja Boy and Charleston White was ignited when White brought the Atlanta rapper's street cred into question during an interview with Say Cheese TV that dropped on Wednesday (July 20). When speaking on the fact that a number of artists who have had public issues with Soulja Boy have coincidentally been killed, White expressed his disdain for the "Kiss Me Thru the Phone" rapper, implying that Young Draco doesn't live up to the tough-guy image he claims to be.

"Fuck Soulja Boy," said White around the 1:14:48-mark in the video below. "Nothing about you is street. Let's go back over your career, nigga. You got rap rivalries. You ain't got no opposition, nigga."

A bit later in the conversation, Charleston doubled down on his opinions about Soulja Boy.

"You ain't none of what you professing to be, Soulja Boy," he continued. "Grown-ass man, Soulja Boy. You ain't none of that, homie."

This surely won't be the end of this.

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