Chance The Rapper is never not busy. The Chicago rapper is set to star in the upcoming sci-fi film Slice. Directed by Austin Vesely and shot last summer in Chicago, the futuristic thriller features the Coloring Book rapper in the role of Dax Lycander, a Chinese food delivery boy/werewolf. Chano shared the first trailer to the film today (Oct. 31) via Twitter in which he's seen hopping on a motorcycle and riding off into the night. Check it out below.

If Austin Vessly's name sounds familiar it's because he had a hand in directing The Social Experiment's "Sunday Candy" last year. A fellow Chicagoan and longtime collaborator of Chance's, Vessly said in a 2015 interview with Red Eye Chicago that Slice will take place in an alternate universe where "supernatural elements"—i.e. ghosts and werewolves— are accepted as reality. As for Chance's role in the plot? Vessly explained that "basically, these murders start happening and they hearken back to an incident that happened with him years before, and they arouse the town’s suspicions."

This definitely isn't the first time Chancellor has starred on camera. In fact, the rapper has been beefing up his resume outside of the rap world a lot lately, having just starred in the newest Kit Kat commercial and Kenzo for H&M campaign. In March of 2015, Chance played a depressed man debating suicide in the short film Mr. Happy.

Even with this new trailer out, there are still plenty of unanswered questions about the film. Is Chance's character good or evil? Did he have to learn how to ride a a motorcycle? And how the hell did he find time to shoot a whole movie last summer without anyone noticing?

Released via A24, Slice is due out in 2017.

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