Chance The Rapper got time for these trolls today.

The Chicago rapper was engaging with fans on Twitter on Wednesday (June 12), when he was accused of having an inflated ego, along with weak music as a result of said ego. Naturally, Chano didn't take kindly to that.

"@chancetherapper people have different tastes and that's fine but the way you're talking to fans who've been with you since 10 day is disappointing and that ego reflects in the quality of your newest music," the fan initially wrote, to which Chance responded, "Eat a dick."

The fan and Chance's tweet sparked an extended back-and-forth between the pair, that included Chance telling the fan he is a "spoiled child who thinks artists are making music for you."

At one point, a few fans jumped into their thread fearing that Chance was hacked, as he's normally more even-keeled in these situations. He was quick to let them know that it was definitely him, however.

In related Chance news, the rapper recently released "Groceries” featuring TisaKorean, the first cut off his forthcoming album. Earlier this year, Chance confirmed that the project would be dropping this summer, saying in an Instagram video, "Life is good so you gonna get that shit when I'm ready. July though."

You can view Chance's tweets for yourself below.

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