Arbor Hill in Albany Ny has a rich history. The area's roots in the creation of the Erie Canal and Underground Railroad run deep and a great amount of historic architecture remains intact.

In 2014, the Arbor Hill neighborhood was also named one of the Great Neighborhoods by the American Planning Association, due to its important community institutions, views of the surrounding city, and natural spaces.

With all of this history and great contributions that Arbor Hill has given to the Capital District, The State of New York and America in general, Arbor Hill tends to go with little notice for over 200 years.

This sentiment was recently captured by Albany native and Mel eMedia videographer Jamel Mosely, who explored the people and stories of Arbor Hill’s past and present through candid interviews and photo sessions aimed at capturing the human experience of its current residents.

This project is titled Arbor Hillstory, a multi-media show and installation debuting at the Albany Barn tonight (11/4/16). Get more information about today's event here.

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