Chinga Chang Records is a fairly new label, founded in 2003. Their founder and lead producer, Daniel Herman, has been working hard to make the group a household name. He made headlines earlier this summer when he offered professional whack-job, Amanda Bynes, a record deal. That move was a bit of a head scratcher but he’s since made up for it by penning a deal with Cassidy.

The hustla hasn’t had mainstream success in quite some time, but to say he’s past his prime would be a load of BS. The Philly rapper is still young by anyone’s standards at the age of 31, and the fact that he’s involved in a high profile beef with fellow Philly native, Meek Mill, doesn’t hurt.

The marriage between Cas and his new label makes perfect sense. Cassidy has always been looked at as a true street artist. That’s what makes his feud with Meek interesting… The fact that, by today’s standard of rappers, Mill is one of the most rugged upstarts in the game. Herman (from Chinga Chang) isn’t buying what Meek’s selling, though. Here’s a bit of what he had to say on the topic to

“Meek Mill may be talented, maybe he’s not, but he’s not rapping from a true street level. There’s no question that Cassidy has come from street background and has gone through his trials and tribulations. But there’s plenty of questions about Meek Mill.”

Herman went on the throw subliminal jabs at Rick Ross, saying “So if you ask me, I would say Meek Mill is a studio rapper who’s a liar and is signed to a former police officer.”

He actually dragged a few other big names through the mud as well. “People like Drake, Waka Flocka and Meek Mill are basically doing nothing but ruining the game just so they can sell records to young individuals.”

Read more of what he had to say here.

Don’t believe the hype? Check it out for yourself when Cassidy comes to the 518 tomorrow night at the RBC Jazz Club in Troy! Tune in to Hot 99.1 just after 3pm to find out how you can win tickets.