A little while back, Cardi B jumped onto social media to explain that she'd been put into a chokehold by the New York Police Department. A short time later, the NYPD put out a statement saying they were unable to find any evidence of the alleged assault. Now, Cardi's set the record straight on the matter—which she won't be pursuing any further.

Speaking with the folks at WEDR 99 Jamz, Cardi recounts the incident before explaining why she won't be looking to find justice in the case. Admitting she was "no angel," Cardi says that she got into a conflict with another driver in the midst of an NYC traffic jam. When she got out of the car to confront the driver, things turned very serious very quickly.

"So I got out the car, and was like, 'My nigga I will fuck you up!' And he's like 'Bitch I will fuck you up!'" Bardi recalls. "So I started hitting his window—I did—then I threw him a bottle of water." Things didn't get better from there.

Within moments, Cardi's cousin, who she was riding with at the time, jumped out of the whip to prepare to fight the driver. At this point, Cardi says she threw a bottle of water at the man about to square up with her cousin. That's when things got even worse than they already were.

"Out of nowhere a motherfucka put me in a chokehold with my hand on my back like a chicken wing," reveals Cardi, whose single, "Bodak Yellow" recently shot up to No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. "And I couldn't breathe, and I couldn't believe it because... there's two men that are about to square up, but you're so pussy you won't even hold back the men, you're gonna put the female in a chokehold.

"What bothers me the most is, yes, the police had been calling me, NYPD had been calling me, they want me to talk about it," Cardi continues. "They had went to my family house—and I don't really wanna make a statement 'cause I ain't never talk to no 12 before, and even if I did talk, are they gonna even do anything about it? Most likely not, so why would I waste my time?"

That wasn't the end of Cardi's problems with the NYPD, either. "And what I don't like is, they told my mother if she don't make a statement, we gonna release a statement. And it's just like, okay, more or less.  And the statement they drop is, NYPD found no evidence of Cardi B's claims. And it's like, how you gon' find evidence when you don't know where it happened?" Cardi says.

She goes on to explain she was barely even sure where her alleged assault took place and that the cops releasing that sort of statement—one which she deems inaccurate and incomplete—is why she doesn't trust the police, calling them the biggest gang in New York City.

Watch Cardi recount her harrowing ordeal below.

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