Offset and Saweetie have been mum following speculation that the "Icy" rapper slept with the Migos member. According to Cardi B, Offset might address the drama on his forthcoming album.

On Sunday (Oct. 22), Cardi B was embroiled in beef with Madonna after the Bronx, N.Y. rapper felt slighted by a comment the OG pop star made referencing her on Instagram. The incident started making its rounds on the blogs, with one IG account, @its_onsite, reporting on the brouhaha and appearing to call Cardi out for not addressing the online rumors about her husband stepping out with Saweetie.

"It is Sunday morning, and Cardi B is up & at em ranting and raving about Madonna mentioning her name on an IG post yesterday regarding the impact her S.E.X book had on the industry," @its_onsite captioned screenshots of the Cardi v. Madonna dust-up. "Seems like she responds to everything except that rumor.... You know what never mind."

Cardi B caught wind of the post and commented saying Offset would break his silence about "that rumor" on his upcoming LP.

"That rumor would be addressed on Offset album. Stay tuned," she posted.

Some people on the internet are convinced Quavo spilled the beans about his former girlfriend Saweetie possibly sleeping with Offset on the new track "Messy." On the song Quavo raps, "I said, ‘Caresha please’ 'cause she too messy (Woo, please)," a possible reference to Saweetie's recent appearance on Yung Miami’s Caresha Please podcast. "Bitch fucked my dawg behind my back, but I ain't stressin' (Not at all)/You wanted the gang, you shoulda just said it, we would have blessed it (You shoulda just said it)/Now shit got messy (Uh)."

Others are not convinced about the Offset scenario and believe Lil Baby is actually the "dawg" Quavo was rapping about. Lil Baby reportedly took Saweetie on a shopping spree following her split with Quavo last year. Lil Baby added more fuel to that speculation on his new track "Stand on It."

"I don't want your bitch, we can't swap out (Swap out)/They ain't on shit, tell 'em to pop out (Pop out)," Baby raps.

Baby also appeared to address Saweetie on the song, "Not Finished," where he raps, "She post a picture without my permission/Got me in some shit, man, these women is wild/She fuckin' niggas, but think I don't know/That shit really a joke man, lil' mama's a clown."

The lines seem to reference a photo Saweetie posted with Lil Baby around the time of the supposed shopping spree.

It appears we may hear Offset's side of the story soon. His sophomore solo album is set to drop next month.

See Cardi B Appearing to Suggest Offset Will Address the Saweetie Rumor on His New Album Below


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