Talk about playing a video game on the Northway with an angel on your shoulder. These crazy fools weren’t injured doing 134 mph on the Northway today. But someone could have been injured because they were speeding in a work zone and now are in police custody.

The work zone was around Exit 19 and the car crashed around exit 17N when it crashed.
Now you would think this was a highspeed chase by the police, but state troopers confirmed they were not chasing the car. So why in the heck were these people speeding like that?!

Granted, I do understand the need for speed *pun intended* on I-87 when there is no traffic, sometimes you just need to get to your destination. But do not play with these NY state Troopers out here. This could have been a fatality. Anytime you decide to go over 100 mph, one wrong move you will have absolutely no control over your car and will end up dead. Did these people not watch what just happened to Kevin Hart?

Speed was involved with his crash. Folks need to stop playing with their lives out here and drive SAFE. There are other people on the road jerks!

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