Capitaland Taxi has ended its operation at Albany International Airport, the latest sign of the collapse of the local livery business. Claiming not being able to handle competition from ride-hailing companies Uber and Lyft.

According to Times Union.

A sign hung on Capitaland's kiosk near the baggage claim: "Out of business. Thanks to all our customers and employees here at the Albany Airport."

Do you think the reason why Capitaland is because of ridesharing service? I don't, ride sharing service hurt them because of poor customer service and convineince. Ride sharing is easier than using and the antiquated system of calling a cab and waiting for them to pick you up.

Also Capitaland gets terrible reviews online and in person, Ive heard of several people complain about the local taxi service before ride-sharing came to town. I had a manager that said "If You Aren't Moving Forward You'll Fall Behind", this is definitely the case when it comes to the local taxi business.

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