We are in the middle of winter in the Capital Region and although we haven't had a lot of snow and ice, there is still plenty of time for another snowstorm. Make sure you know the laws about clearing off your sidewalks in the Capital Region. Some cities have different rules and fines.


Residents in Albany must clear snow from their homes within 24 hours. If there is a property owner of an apartment building, church, cemetery, gas station, jail, or another public dwelling, they are also responsible for clearing the snow from the sidewalks.
It is also a law that if there is ice on sidewalks, salt, sand or other substances must be put down. If sidewalks aren't cleared, the city can go it and charge the homeowner.


Homeowners are in charge of clearing the sidewalks by 10 am the next day after a snowstorm. Ice is also the responsibility of the homeowner. If it cannot be removed, you must put down salt or sand. If the sidewalk isn't cleared, they will be fined $75 for each one of the violations.


Much like Troy, homeowners must clear their sidewalks by 10 am the next morning. The same goes for dealing with ice on sidewalks. Homeowners must put down sand or salt.


Property owners must clear sidewalks and fire hydrants in front of their properties within 24 hours of a storm. If ice can't be removed, sand or salt must be put down. Police can enforce the clearing of sidewalks. They can send written notices and if homeowners don't comply, the city can charge the homeowner for the removal.

Saratoga Springs

Saratoga property owners have 12 hours to remove snow from the sidewalks after a snowstorm. If the storm stops after 7 pm, it is considered to end at 7 am and then the 12 hours will begin from there.

Glens Falls

Property owners must clear snow from sidewalks in front of properties within five hours after a snowstorm. Similar to Saratoga, if a snowstorm stops after 7 pm the city considers it ending at 7 am and then gives a 12-hour window to clear the snow. If the sidewalks are not cleared in the time frame, owners could be fined up to $250 or even be put in jail for 15 days or both.
Also, don't throw snowballs in the streets of Glens Falls because you could be fined $15 for the first offense and $25 for each thereafter.


There is a 12-hour window to clear snow and ice from their properties after a snowstorm. The property owners must keep fire hydrants, sidewalks, storm drains, curbs, and gutters clear. Those in violation could be fined up to $100.
Each city in the Capital Region has its own rules and regulations for snow removal. You are urged to contact your local municipality to find out the laws that pertain to your city.

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