The Montgomery County SPCA sends hundreds of pets to their forever homes every year. They match up the perfect cat or dog to the family that is looking for a pet.

Then there are those special cases. Those pets might be a little harder to get adopted. Like senior pets, pets with medical conditions, and pets with behavioral issues. My family has adopted several "special needs" dogs from the SPCA and have found them to be some of the best, most loving pets we've ever had. Sure, they might need a little extra training or some medication, but once they realize they are finally in their forever home and loved, they usually become great additions to a family.

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That's where Rocky comes in. Rocky is a two-year-old mixed breed dog that is absolutely adorable. According to the article at News 10, he's a favorite among the staff at the Montgomery County SPCA. So, you might be thinking, why would this playful, loving, adorable dog have an issue getting adopted?

Well, unfortunately, Rocky has recently been diagnosed with cancer. Keloidal Fibrosarcoma to be exact. This type of cancer is very slow progressing and according to VCA Hospital, only about 10% of dogs see cancer spread. The prognosis for Rocky is that he probably has two to three years to live and the Montgomery SPCA wants to find the right forever home to make the most of the time he has left.

According to the SPCA website, Rocky was brought in as a stray and he's a friendly and energetic boy! He loves people and getting outside to explore and go for walks. Rocky also likes playing with toys, and will sit for a treat!

If you have the perfect forever home to give Rocky the life he deserves contact the Montgomery County SPCA or call (518) 842-8050 to meet Rocky.

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