The Capital Region has spoken!  We asked you to vote for your favorite people and places around the 518 and you delivered.  Here are the results of the 2013 Capital Region Hot List as voted for by YOU!  Congrats to all our winners!

Best Food Spot for a “Case of the Munchies”

  • Moe's

Best Soul Food (tie)

  • Chicken Joe's
  • Buckatunna
  • Casa Dominicanas

Best Gym to Get Your Swell On

  • Gold’s Gym

Best Men’s Fashion (tie)

  • Macy’s
  • Against All Odds

Best Women’s Fashion

  • Forever 21

Best Place for Fresh Kicks

  • Foot Locker

Best Smoke Shop

  • Northern Lights Smoke Shop

Best Place for Cheap Drinks

  • Putnam Den

Best Dance Club

  • Legends

Best Cheap Date Location

  • Friendly’s

Best Place for Bling (Jewelry Store)

  • Hannoush

Best Place to Get Your Hair Did

  • Jean Paul

Best Location for Pick-Up Basketball

  • Cook Park

Hottest Local News Anchor (Female)

  • Kate Welshofer

Hottest Local News Anchor (Male)

  • Nick Johnston

Best Local Mixer/DJ

  • DJ Biz

Best Local Rapper (tie)

  • J IRX
  • B Martin