Are you the type of person that likes to leave your porch light on all night? Maybe you have decorative lighting in trees or bushes outside the home and lights that enhance the look of the driveway. Many of us do, and now all of us are being asked to turn them off by 11pm.

For the next week or so, and again in a few months, the Capital Region is going to be a bit darker as we go "lights out". Why? Is this because of the inflation? I can tell you that this idea is for the birds, literally.

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From now until Tuesday May 31st, State-owned and State-managed buildings around the Capital Region will be required to turn off all non-essential outdoor lighting and indoor lighting or at least draw blinds, from 11pm until dawn. (Approximately 5:25am) As of now you and I are not required to go "Lights Out" but it could only help.

According to the New York DEC. State agencies announced the "Lights Out" initiative to help protect migrating birds as they navigate night skies during the Spring migration period and again during the fall migration period.

Photo by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash
Photo by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash

Excessive outdoor lighting can cause these migrating birds to become disoriented, a phenomenon known as fatal light attraction, leading birds to crash into windows, walls and floodlights.

On just one night this week, over five million birds were estimated to have flown across New York's night skies. Sadly, collisions with buildings kill between 365 million and one billion birds per year in the United States. Light pollution attracts night-migrating birds away from their natural route and into potentially lethal situations. Mike Burger, Executive Director for Audubon Connecticut and New York.

Consider doing your part and go "Lights Out", it could save a life.

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