All over the Capital Region, there is a dire need for school bus drivers. Most districts are hiring with many positions available. In fact, Brunswick Central School District is holding an open house on Tuesday, August 31st from 4 pm until 6 pm at the school. It's called "Drive a Bus" day. According to News 10 ABC, there will be a trainer/driver on hand to help with test drives and to answer questions. Plus information on how to get the Class B commercial drivers' license.

My son Ryan just started taking the bus this past school year and really loves his bus driver. Miss Dana is such a great influence on him. She is friendly and teaches the kids about safety on the bus. She also cares about each and every one of the kids she is responsible for. I know that districts are having a tough time filling the bus driver positions so I thought I would highlight five reasons why you should consider becoming a bus driver.

1. The hours are extremely flexible. A typical bus driver usually works early in the morning and after school which is later in the afternoon. There is usually a long break in between. There is also the option of driving to and from field trips or other school activities for extra hours. Plus if you aren't the type to be in an office this may be the perfect fit.

2. Being a school bus driver has its benefits, literally. There are paid holidays, vacation days, the school schedule, and health and life insurance along with a retirement plan.

3. You enjoy working with kids. Think about it, you are the first person that child sees before each school day. You get their day started off on the right foot in a positive way while making them feel safe in your care. You become an important and steady part of each day.

4. In most districts you get paid while you train and get the classification you need to be certified as a bus driver.

5. You get summers off and are a part of these kids' entire school career not just one year like a teacher is.

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