As I stepped outside bright and early this morning to walk my dawg in Albany, I felt a slight shiver down my back. It was chilly this morning...felt like a perfect Fall morning, I can't lie, i smiled inside, I like it.

Fall Shopping in Boston
Fall Shopping in Boston







I can't help it, this morning's weather made me think of apple picking, bonfires, sweatshirts and my favorite knitted hat I picked up at Quincy Market a few years ago when my girl and I went on a fall shopping extravaganza!!

Now don't get the wrong impression, I am not rushing Summer 2013 nor trying to put it to bed, but let's face it, we went from hot, nasty and sweaty mornings to 50 degree mornings in the matter of 2 weeks! And now I am getting some Indian Summer fever, you better believe it! It's my favorite time of the year, if you couldn't tell.

The moral of the story is boys and girls, life is short and time flies when we are having fun, that is an absolute fact! So if you have the opportunity to do summer time things in the Capital Region, do them, because you know how Mother Nature rolls around here...I think she forgets to take her meds sometimes, and before you know it, we will be plowing and shoveling that white crap!!

Live your Summer 2013 to it's fullest!

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