Dipset's Cam'ron was scheduled for a London appearance. When he pulled a no show for his own concert things got cray cray & the crowd rushed the stage!

It's #Killaseason indeed! Cam'ron was supposed to perform in London at The Kentish Town's Stage & it was reported he was in the building so what happened?

According to SOHH.com, Cam'ron was in the building kickin it
with British hip hop heavy weight Tim Westwood, but they dipped out of the venue before the show started! Apparently, So Solid Crew's Megaman was looking to cash in on an outstanding debt that Cam owed him.

Unfortunately, Cam has a reputation for doing this sort of stuff. when he came to the capital region in the past, he pulled the same sort of drama: showing up late, ridiculous demands, threatening not to perform or not performing at all & leaving the venues early.

Don't know what his problem is. I met him face to face & for a very good looking guy, he has a huge ego & attitude. Not cute Cam!

Check out the video of the London crowd's reaction to Cam's no show!