Apparently Britney Spears' ex Jason Trawick has put on quite a bit of weight since his breakup with Brit Brit.

Want to see how much? Of course you do, don't be silly!

It all started when TMZ posted some photos of Trawick enjoying some pizza while showing off his newly gained belly -- which he definitely saw.

Well, apparently it was enough to make him realize that he needs to go on a diet and stat, so he tweeted another photo of his impressive girth below with a promise that his diet is starting now:

Wow, that is definitely a far cry from his more svelte days, but it's good to see he now has some motivation. See, sometimes TMZ uses their powers for good, too!

Man, when Britney Spears breaks your heart she also apparently breaks your belt, too. Right, Kevin Federline? That's some scary super power you have there, Miss Spears.