Chalk this one up as the least shocking story of the day. A bunch of ganja was found on Rihanna’s tour bus!

TMZ reports that border patrol officers found wacky tobaccy on RiRi’s tour bus as it passed between the U.S. and Canadian border. Nobody was arrested. Only a civil penalty was issued to one of the male passengers on the bus.

It has yet to be confirmed if Rihanna was on the bus at the time. The bus was traveling to Detroit’s Joe Louis Arena where Rihanna is bringing her Diamonds World Tour tomorrow night.

Ri has been very open and honest about her love for kush. When it comes to social media, she likes to share these type of pictures of herself (in this order):

1. Naked

2. Smokin’

She’s also been photographed using a security guard’s bald dome as a surface while rolling a blunt, and who can forget that infamous birthday cake that featured a Rihanna look-a-like riding a spliff like a pony? We’ll keep you posted with any further details about today’s border stop.