Rapper Stanley "Flesh-n-Bone" Howse of the Grammy-award winning 1990s group Bone Thugs-n-Harmony is working on a new collaboration but it's not with another artist.

He is partnering with a Michigan medical marijuana facility to grow and distribute a new strain of marijuana, according to MLive.com.

The owners of Green Oasis medicinal dispensary and Flesh-n-Bone are working on a strain called "Phifty Caliber Kush," which has a floral taste and will serve as a pain reliever and will be distributed to Flint, Mich., area patients.

"We worked closely together to figure out what we wanted out of the medication," Green Oasis owner Anthony Butler told MLive.com. Howse may be the first high-profile artist to partner with a medical dispensary for a project such as this.

This is lighter news for Flesh-n-Bone, who was sentenced to a California prison in 2000, for threatening a man with an AK-47. He was released five years ago, but was arrested on a felony warrant in 2010.

According to TMZ, Howse hopes to expand his business to California, Colorado and Washington in the near future.

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