Blueface found himself in the front yards of a stranger's home and he shared it all on his social media account.

On Thursday evening (Nov. 12), Blueface shared video footage of himself on his Instagram Story, in which he says he is being chased by helicopters in Los Angeles. As a result, the California rhymer claims he's hiding in the front yard of someone he doesn't know.

"Blueface, come to the set, they said," he says in the first clip. "It will be fun, they said. Now I'm sitting in some random person's front yard tryna get home." In a following video, the "Thotiana" rapper says, "This is why I stay my ass at home, on Crip. I'm running from a helicopter right now, dead homies. Y'all hear, cuz. I'ma make it home, though."

In the first video, the helicopter can be seen and heard. The second clip is much darker, so you can only hear the sounds of the helicopter in the sky.

"I just wanna go home, cuz," Blueface continues, as he shows the lights beaming from the helicopter. "I'm still runnin'. Police right there, on Crip. All we gotta do is get past that street." In the clip, he also speaks to another person who can't been seen in the video.

It's unclear why Blueface was dodging the police or what caused the helicopter to hover over the area where he was hiding. However, in what appears to be the last video from his hideout, Blueface says he successfully escaped.

He then shared footage of himself in the studio making music with his manager Wack 100, who is also the co-founder of Cash Money West with Birdman. Cash Money West is the label Blueface signed to back in November of 2018.

See the footage of Blueface reportedly being chased by a helicopter below.

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